60 Before 60

I saw on another blog I follow where the blogger had created a goal list of 30 things they wanted to do before they turned 30 years old.  I thought that was kinda cool, but since I'm a wee bit older than 30, I created my own list.  The stuff on my list is way cooler in a lot of respects, because I'm so much closer to retirement age, so I can concentrate on more fun stuff than someone younger.  Still...it's a LOT to accomplish in only 7 years....so I'd better get crackin! :)

These seem to fall within five categories:
  • Health/Fitness
  • Travel
  • Home Renovations
  • Financial
  • And a few personal ones, just 'cause. :)
That's ok with me. At some point, I may try to reorder these in some fashion other than grouping them per the above, but for now, they are in no particular order.  As I make a goal, I'll replace the category with the date accomplished, and watch 'em tick off one by one! I love checklists...

1 Pay off mortgage Financial
2 Have no credit card debt Financial
3 Make our family business successful Financial
4 Hike the AT from one end of Carter County to the other Health
5 Maintain my weight loss for a year Health
6 Maintain my weight loss for 2 years Health
7 Maintain my weight loss for 3 years Health
8 Maintain my weight loss for 4 years Health
9 Maintain my weight loss for 5 years Health
10 Run a 5K Completed 6/13/15
11 Run an 8K Health
12 Run a 10K Completed 3/19/16
13 Run a 15K Health
14 Run a half marathon Health
15 Run a marathon Health
16 Run a sub-30 5K Health
17 Run a sub-60 10K Health
18 Buy a bike and start riding Health
19 Run a mother/daughter race with Jessica Health
20 Get a tummy tuck Health
21 Get my upper arms reduced Health
22 Do a color run Completed 10/10/15
23 Learn how to design and create stained glass Personal
24 Piece and make a quilt Personal
25 Have a full spa treatment, including massage Personal
26 Renovate the master bathroom Renovation
27 Renovate the kitchen Renovation
28 Install a wood stove Completed 10/21/15
29 Redo and expand the deck system Renovation
30 Create a new front entry way Renovation
31 Add a new bathroom upstairs Renovation
32 Landscape the driveway (including dead tree removal) Renovation
33 Build, plant and harvest a greenhouse Renovation
34 Host a Christmas party for my co-workers Renovation
35 Build a barn Renovation
36 Buy horses Renovation
37 Cut a trail to make a spur to the AT Renovation
38 Renovate Granny's old house in GA Renovation
39 Fence in the entire property Renovation
40 Make stained glass windows for the house Renovation
41 Design and make window treatments for the house. Renovation
42 Build a deck outside the upstairs bedroom Renovation
43 Build catwalks around the loft for access Renovation
44 Create a mega scratching post in the living room with sisal rope Renovation
45 Visit Julia and Cullodin Moor in Scotland Travel
46 Go to Hawaii for at least two weeks Travel
47 Go on a celebratory cruise with Keith and my family Travel
48 Go to New Orleans Travel
49 Visit my sister in Greece Travel
50 Cruise the saints Travel
51 Visit Paris Travel
52 Go on a cruise with the OG girls Travel
53 Go to a gathering with the OG girls Travel
54 Sunbathe with Keith on the 7-Mile beach on Grand Cayman Travel
55 Visit London Travel
56 Visit Australia Travel
57 Visit Italy Travel
58 Follow Route 66 Travel
59 Visit Austin Travel
60 Drive out west on an extended road vacation Travel

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