Current Schedule

Right now, I'm using the Runkeeper app (  It's a great free app that syncs to myfitnesspal ( and SparkPeople (, also both free, which is great for me.  They have great preset programs, which I have used and love, but for the moment, I'm using my own two-week plan.  This plan focuses more on form and speed, and less on endurance:

  • Monday-foundation or "steady state" run (1-3 miles).
  • Tuesday-off
  • Wednesday-interval training
  • Thursday-off
  • Friday-hill sprints
  • Saturday-off
  • Sunday-foundation run (1-3 miles)
  • Monday-off
  • Tuesday-tempo run
  • Wednesday-off
  • Thursday-foundation run (1-3 miles)
  • Friday-off
  • Saturday-long run (3+ miles)
  • Sunday-off

  • Once I feel more comfortable with my pace, I'll start increasing my distance.

    If you want to know more about the way I eat and my 'program' as a whole, you can read more about it here!

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